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Sunday, 11 March 2012

late presents are better than no presents

so at christmas i was like, "sorry i left your birthday present at home, it's a couple of months late but i'll post it when i get back." now we're in march i think it's finally time to send it. i found the offending pressie in the bottom of my wardrobe, unwrapped it as i thought it might be for me, chucked half of it away as it had gone off, bought some nice smellies to replace the bad, used the nice smellies in an emergency, and finally have replaced them with this:

i painted an old frame and made an origami butterfly to put in it, she likes pretty things of a decorative nature so hopefully she'll like this.  (she's also getting some crystal door knobs which you can see a bit in the top of the photo...they were part of the original present).

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