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Monday, 27 February 2012

very yellow body necklace

so, i'm not terribly convinced that body necklaces will catch on in everyday life. most of them on the high street cost somewhere between £20-£40 and won't look good on anyone who has any body shape that isn't pole-thin.
however, i'm thinking i can pull off this asymmetric gold number over something very plain...and maybe then only at night.
i happened over 4 meters of gold chain i bought off e-bay a while back when 'tidying' my room this morning (for 'tidying' see 'hiding mess under bed/in cupboards'). so out came the jewelry pliers! though please note, if you're planning on making one, don't forget to put a clasp on the back of the neck bit or back bit depending, otherwise you can't get out of it and you'll just have to wear it forever.

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