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Friday, 24 February 2012

first post

for this first post i'm putting in a couple of things i've made in the last couple of weeks:

i think i managed to cover my face with the camera rather artfully here. the thing i'm trying to show off is the gold laurel wreath - it took almost no time at all, just the cheapest hair band i could find teamed with some silk leaves with bendy wire stems. it was just a case of wrapping the wire around the hair band while sitting in my doorway talking to my flatmate about her plans to scare me while i'm sleeping (i have very silly flatmates!). of course you have to make sure that the pokey-outy bits of the ends of the wire are on the side of the band not touching your head, otherwise things could be uncomfy.

now have you ever seen the movie 'how to steal a million'? it's a very silly audrey hepburn/peter o'toole rom-com-heist movie with a memorable scene in which hepburn's charater is 'in disguise'. i attempted to emulate the mask she wore in that scene for my boyfriend's flatmate's masquerade flat party thing. i believe her mask was made by hubert de givenchy along with all the other costumes in the film, i however had only an hour between work ending and the party starting to scoff a tuna baguette and sew two bits of ribbon together in the nearest cafe! given the time limit i'm quite proud of the shapping a managed on the nose and cheeks. although quite effective as a statement piece, it does obscure the vision somewhat...although one should of course value looks above practicality so it is of no matter.

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