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Sunday, 26 February 2012

my animal dress

it only took a couple of months to get around to doing it but:

so my boss was like, "i have this bedsheet that i bought, put on the bed, was repulsed by, and now it's going to charity if you don't want it", and i was like, "i could make a dress out of it", and she was all, "you HAVE to make a dress out of it".

i didn't have a pattern for this one, i just made a circle skirt, a thick waist band, and bit's that join at the shoulder to cover everything else - though it may need a vesty top underneath.

it only took a couple of hours, managed to bake a cake while i was in the middle of it too, which considering the day i've had at work makes for one full day of stuff!

oh, i did have to buy a yellow 14" zip for the back, making the total cost of my animal dress £2.50.


  1. Your dress turned out really awesome! Impressed! :D

  2. thank you! i'm quite proud of it : ) but oh! now you have to host something i can wear it to!!! x