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Monday, 28 July 2014

pompom garland

i have, yet again, moved into something of a blank-canvas flat and am now  in the process of prettifying my new room. this process obviously involves pompoms. obviously:

ok, so i got swept up in the pompom craze that's been on pinterest and then i got my free pompom maker courtesy hobbycraft and mollie makes and things got a little cute. I did not in fact use my new high-tech pompom maker, but a fork, so...

you will need;

- wool in various colours (i got a pack of eight 10g balls for £2.50 in hobbycraft)
-a fork
-some ribbon or something, to hang them off of

to make;

wrap you wool around your fork until it looks a little something like this:

then tie it up so that it looks like this:

then slide the whole lot off of the end of your fork and trim until it's a pompom. make a fair few of these (they only take like 5 minutes each) and tie them at intervals onto ribbon. 

pretty easy really : )

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