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Sunday, 27 July 2014

i'm back!

yes i know it's been a while and there's really nothing i can say to make up for it. sorry anyway.

here's a little montage of some of my crafty goings-on since i last posted:

i got into amigurumi ... and made a tiny cactus for my sister.
i started, but never finished a 'settlers of catan' set of hexagons, where each is made out of the resource it represents.
i designed my first crochet pattern from scratch - a buttercup, which i promptly lost the pattern for.
i went through a phase of making horribly difficult puzzles...
and things made out of puzzle pieces.
christmas came and i got my craft on - i made box nets for most of the blocks in minecraft for my siblings to put together.
and i got a little bit better at amigurumi - here's a pikachu.

there was a lot of other stuff as well, but as i had no internet most of it didn't get photographed at the time. there may be some 'stuff i made earlier' type posts in the not-too-distant future. enjoy.

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