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Monday, 23 April 2012

venetian steampunk

i'm back! was starting to have something of an identity crisis due to the uncharacteristic total lack of motivation in the making department. i've been ill, i've been to venice, i'm back at uni.

venice was beautiful and lovely and everything it should be, despite bringing a fair amount of dosh i somehow managed to run out by like the second instead of buying a wonderfully tacky touristy mask, i got a blank one for €1.99 and did this to it:

so i was going for a sort of steampunk, paneled, robot thing. it was really easy to do but did take a while and a bit of patience is required.

the mask was plastic, so i paper mached (i think that's how you spell it in past tense) it with loo roll so stuff would stick to it. then there was LOTS of cutting up of pizza boxes to make  all the little panels, i used a hole punch to do the riveting effect. after everything was dry i slathered it with black-gold paint, for some reason 'antique gold' paint costs about twice as much as regular gold, so i just mixed regular
gold with black and to make the same colour. anyways, it was lots of fun, now all i have to do is persuade someone to host some sort of steampunk event so i can wear it : )


  1. Hehe it turned out well professional! Love all the details! :D

  2. oooh thank you ellen! how's the disertation going? how soon can i come over for cake/ when do you want me to try the baked camembert italian recipe on you??? : ) xxx

  3. Dissertation still has about 4-5,000 words to go for Thursday :( lame! plus a 1,200 essay for Wednesday sooooo I will no doubt be drinking on Thursday night, Friday? Though I will be too hungover to make cake =P