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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

dress 2 of 7: firefly dress

you'd of thought i'd have learnt not to mix water with fabric paint....but i had this cheapy spray bottle and the fabric paint was just too thick for it. so i mixed white with water to do a sort of star effect on my black dress....with a stencil of serenity from firefly that i made while watching the apprentice:

now there are a few things to bare in mind when makeing the stencil for one of these spaceship dresses (there's some very good examples on etsy) the first is that it's meant to be a negative stencil - which is the complete opposite of what you would normally do. i totally forgot about that so had to spray my normal stencil to fill in the details, then place a cut out of the outline on top so i could spray the stars aroud it without messing up the ship. it kind of worked out, apart from the glaringly obvious A4 outline from the outside of the normal stencil, and the fact that i made the fabric paint too watery so the stars kind of look like they've been rained on....i'll pretend it was all on intended...a sort of grungey tantrum at the show being canceled.


  1. I like sprayed clothes! They fade with the wash though, thus I suspect you may find the A4 outline will become less obvious as the droplets blur.

    1. ! thanks for the tip mr tiny postcards : ) i was thinking of dotting some white paint over the spray once it's been through the wash to give it some more obvious stars.

      i like sprayed clothes too! xxx