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Saturday, 11 August 2012

holmes cameos

so anyone who's been in my room will know that one half of it is ace and looks very much lived in, and the other half is imposingly blank. it's the blank half that i see when i sit on my bed, so i eat, sleep, work, make things and watch iplayer with hideously uniform blankness starring me in the face. here's my first attempt to rid myself of this plague:

they're paper covered canvases with cameos of my 4 favourite sherlock holmes actors on : D

i actually was trying something i was taught at work; i got some £1-something-before-staff-discount-canvases, and covered then with really pretty paper, and then stuck my cameos on top. to do the cameos i turned the brightness on my laptop right up and traced photos straight from the screen (i had a friend over who showed me how to do this - it seems totally obvious now that i know you can do it!)

after all that i just stapled them to a thick piece of ribbon and hung it from my wardrobe door.

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